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When buying used or refurbished trucks, tractors or trailers, customers need to be assured of the condition of the vehicles that they are buying. They need to know in detail if there are any defects or areas of concern.

The vast majority of the beverage trucks and trailers that Buck’s Trucks offers are in “trade term condition.” This is an industry standard that covers all of the components of the truck and is described in detail below:

  • the engine and transmission are in excellent running condition with no skips, drips or misses
  • all equipment works properly - lights, turn signals, gauges, etc.
  • cab is clean and has a good seat and floormat
  • all glass is free of cracks and breaks
  • brake linings are 50% or more
  • tire treads are 50% or more
  • less than $250 of cumulative cosmetic damage on truck
  • door and locking systems are fully operational


Buck’s Trucks offers a 30 Day Warranty on all beverage trucks, trailers and tractors that it represents as being in “trade term conditions.” This means that for the first 30 days after delivery of the truck to the customer, we will resolve any dispute fairly and to the customer’s satisfaction. The customer must, however, obtain approval from Buck’s Trucks before initiating any repair work.


Both Truck Master Plus and National Truck Protection Company offer a variety of one and two-year warranties on engines, transmissions, rear ends and aftertreatment components.

For complete information go to www.truckmasterplus.com or www.ntpwarranty.com. We will be glad to quote any of these warranties along with any of the trucks or tractors that we offer.

If you have any questions or need additional information about Buck’s Trucks warranties please let us know at info@buckstrucks.com or call us toll-free at (877) 238-8757.