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  • Why buy a used truck, trailer or tractor?

    New trucks lose 40% of their value in the first few years of ownership. Used trucks offer the same service and reliability for a fraction of the cost of new ones. Buck’s Trucks can source the exact truck, trailer, or tractor that you need at a cost you can afford. We buy and sell hundreds of beverage trucks and trailers annually.
  • How can I buy a truck that I haven’t ever seen before - especially a used truck?

    We guarantee our trucks to be exactly what we say they are. This means the specifications on paper match the actual truck. Also, any trucks that you buy from us will be in the condition that we represent it in or you don’t have to buy it.
  • What if I have a major breakdown within a few days or weeks of buying a truck from you?

    If the truck has been represented to be in good running condition, then we will bear some of the responsibility of covering the repair costs. We are not and never have been a company that will say “you bought it, you pay for it.” We will work with you to resolve the issue fairly.
  • What if I receive a truck from you and it is not in the condition that I was told that it would be in?

    A number of things will happen in this case. First, we will agree on what is wrong with the truck and attempt to reconcile the concern. This could mean that we pay for a fix or share the cost with the purchaser. If the dispute cannot be reconciled or if the customer is still ultimately unhappy, we will gladly take the truck back.
  • Have you ever taken a truck back that a customer did not want to keep?

    Yes we have. There have been times (rarely) that a customer was not satisfied with a truck’s condition or specifications when it was received. In those situations we took the truck back and the customer was not obligated in any way.
  • What type of warranties do you offer with the trucks you sell?

    That’s a tough question when you are talking about a used truck. We typically do not offer warranties with trucks that we sell. However, we do stand behind the trucks that we sell within 30 days of purchase for major items. In other words, we won’t leave someone out in the cold if they buy something from us and have a major problem soon after purchasing it.
  • Do you offer refurbishment services?

    We do provide refurbishment services. Through an extensive network of refurbishment centers nationwide, we provide paint and body work, parts replacement, decal application and a host of other refurbishment services.
  • Do you take trade-ins?

    We do accept trade-ins on all beverage trucks, trailers and single-axle tractors.
  • Do you offer a lease program?

    We offer competitive lease programs through third party companies that specialize in leasing trucks and equipment.
  • What exactly does trade term condition mean?

    The fine details vary, but in general across the industry “Trade Terms & Conditions” means the following:
    • Drive and power train in good working condition
    • All lights, gauges, etc in good working condition
    • Brakes & tires are 50% or better tread or lining
    • No broken or cracked mirrors or glass
    • Less than $250 incidental body damage anywhere on truck
  • When do I pay for the truck?

    Trucks are normally paid for when they are picked up. However, we routinely sell to customers that have not seen the truck that they are purchasing. In this case the balance of payment is due when the truck is received, after the customer has had ample time to inspect it and make sure that it is right. We also routinely ask for a deposit of at least 20% to secure the deal.
  • How do you handle transportation of a truck from its present location to mine?

    We have a staff of professional drivers that we work with as well as third party subcontractors that are independently owned and operated. The method of delivery will depend on what we are delivering, its origin and destination, and how long we have to get it there.

Buck's Trucks delivers hundreds of beverage tractors, trailers and straight trucks to customers nationwide each year.

Almost 100% of them deliver “sight unseen.” We go to great lengths to determine and provide accurate information and ensure consistency. Issues are handled quickly and fairly. Our goal is satisfied customers.

If you still have questions, please call us at (877) 238-8757 or email chris@buckstrucks.com.