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Buck’s Trucks offers a complete line refurbishment services, including the following:

  • repair all accident damage
  • weld cracks in bay floors, walls, posts and rails
  • check roof for leaks and re-seal
  • repair or replace rear bumper
  • update locking mechanism
  • remove/replace all doors, replace worn or damaged door panels
  • adjust, repair or replace counterbalances
  • replace door seals
  • remove and replace all pin and roller assemblies
  • remove and replace all door cables
  • remove and replace all door straps and door hardware
  • repair door tracks
  • repair bay floors
  • inspect, repair or replace kingpin, kingpin plate
  • inspect and repair landing gear
  • inspect and repair lights
  • update reflectors and safety tape
  • repair or replace step bars
  • acid wash bays
  • remove existing paint and decals
  • sand, prep, prime and paint
  • install decals
  • install drop shelves
  • install cart racks
  • inspect brakes and tires and repair or replace

Each beverage truck or trailer is quoted individually. Pricing is subject to change without notice and will vary by location. Lead times will vary.

If you have any questions or need additional information about refurbishment please let us know at info@buckstrucks.com or call us toll-free at (877) 238-8757.